Yellow Teapot

Ruth Baxter

Ruth Baxter runs One Yellow Teapot and lives in beautiful Northumberland with her husband and two children. 

She has always loved drawing, art and creating. She originally studied Architecture, and has carried her love of perspective, clean lines and pops of colour through to the artwork she is producing now. By hand stitching thread through a pattern of holes, she intends to turn them from individual points, to lines, creating a sequence, a plane, movement across the surface.

Her yellow teapot has been at the centre of her kitchen for a long time.  In typical English style, whatever the occasion, she enjoys a cup of tea!

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Stephen Caton

Stephen Caton

Stephen Caton lives in Lancashire with his wife (and business partner) and their little boy.

He sent many illustrations into Tony Hart's Gallery but none were ever broadcast. It still hurts now. He always thought he'd be designing graphics for computer games (when computer games were less than 48k in size!) and in 1988 went to Blackburn College and soon began to appreciate letter forms & typefaces (and the Apple Mac) - and then began his love affair with typography. 

He's been running a successful design company for the last 10 years.

Ben Marsden

Ben Marsden

Ben Marsden is Lancashire, born and bred. He has tried to escape and flee across the border into Yorkshire, but has always ended up back to endure the baking Lancashire climate!

His love for drawing began when he discovered crayons, honing his skills through childhood by tracing and copying comics. His ambition to become a designer / illustrator began when he discovered another of his loves, music - and the amazing album covers of Vaughan Oliver (4AD) and Peter Saville (Factory).

"I want to design record covers when I grow up!"

Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris lives in Lancashire with her boyfriend and their Beagle.

Recently graduated with a first class (BA) Hons degree in illustration.

Her work is mainly inspired by fashion (past and present) and her love of the trusty old pencil.